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Press Release

SketchUp makes sharing ideas and designs easy for everyone with 3D visualisation
SketchUp 2024 "Scan-to-design" tool turns scans from iPad into 3D models 

[Singapore, April 23, 2024] - Effective collaboration is essential in design projects, and SketchUp 2024 elevates this experience by introducing enhanced features. Trimble has announced updates for the user-friendly 3D modeling software, delivering performance upgrades ranging from a new graphics engine to easier ways to share designs with stakeholders. 
Due to its versatility, SketchUp is used for various applications, including movie set or game designs, architectural, landscape or interior designs, optimising retail or warehouse layout efficiency, urban planning, event planning, and more.  

SketchUp 2024 includes new features from SketchUp Labs (LABS), a public Beta program that allows users to test and explore tools in development.  


New LABS features include: 

  • “Scan-to-Design" on iPad: Users can easily turn scans from their iPad into 3D models. Using LIDAR (light detection and ranging) sensors on Apple Pro devices, detailed measurements of interior spaces can be captured and shared with collaborators/contractors.  

  • Responsive graphic engine for LayOut: Early adopters have noted performance improvements. Navigation speeds can be up to 8.4x faster for file navigation and responsiveness. 

Save Time and Boost productivity with better project alignment 

2024 offers a new layer of realism and innovative visual styles directly within the SketchUp interface, along with updates that amplify productivity. SketchUp 2024 catalyzes collaboration, offering a unified platform where stakeholders can converge and exchange ideas effortlessly.


  • Enhanced Building Information Modelling (BIM): Industry Foundation Class (IFC) import and export capabilities can help bring together different teams within one central ecosystem. Users can export components with files containing special characters, making it easy for multi-language references. For teams and contractors using different digital creation tools, users can navigate between SketchUp and other advanced platforms.  

  • Share a Link: For early iterations or ease of viewing of 3D visuals, clients and project members have access to view-only models that they can navigate in a browser; without any need to login or use SketchUp software. 

  • Ambient Occlusion: users can add visual emphasis to highlighting space and achieve greater depth between objects to create visually realistic previews.  

  • Enhanced Interoperability: Complex rendering and animation processes are more accessible with improved import and export functionality for USDZ and glTF file formats. The files can be used in real-time applications like NVIDIA Omniverse or Epic Games’ Twinmotion for rendered animations and advanced XR viewing experiences. 

Rise of the Maker Community  

SketchUp's community continues to expand, and its free-to-use 3D Warehouse has over 5 million searchable pre-made 3D models online. To save time, designers often use pre-made models from SketchUp’s 3D Warehouse to avoid drawing from scratch. In a world where time is money, open access to stock 3D models and textures made by international brands and other 3D artists from all over the world is cost-efficient and helps improve productivity without compromising on quality of work.  

With Trimble Connect cloud sharing, the updated SketchUp 2024 amplifies collaboration opportunities and simplifies the path to project alignment. 

“SketchUp 2024 will be a game-changer in the realm of 3D design. Whether users are engaged in immersive walkthroughs or product design, SketchUp 2024 empowers anyone to explore their creativity and share their designs with others. By providing seamless integration with industry-standard file formats, SketchUp enables users to unlock the full potential of their projects, from concept to completion," said Sean Baptist, SketchUp, Head of APAC, Trimble. 

Baptist added, "SketchUp 2024 can also be used to facilitate seamless transitions to and from SketchUp for advanced Building Information Modeling (BIM) and visualization workflows, ultimately driving better project outcomes." 

SketchUp facilitates smoother communication and collaboration among diverse teams, driving innovation and efficiency across the design lifecycle. Users can generate organic shapes freely, add extensions to amplify their workflow process, or work with pre-built models from 3D Warehouse to save time. 

SketchUp is offering a new free 7-day trial via for SketchUp Studio, which includes all the tools from the SketchUp 2024 ecosystem. For users with a subscription, access to SketchUp 2024 is available at no additional cost.


As of November 2022, SketchUp Classic Licenses are no longer available for sale, but users can continue to use their classic license as long as they have access to it. However, access to the latest features and improvements in SketchUp 2024 is only applicable for SketchUp annual subscriptions. 


About SketchUp 

SketchUp is the world's most versatile 3D modeling software, used by more than 30 million designers around the world to create, update and communicate designs in 3D. Trusted by professionals worldwide including many from the film, gaming and maker community, alongside professionals from events, architecture, interior design, product design, engineering, and construction industries, SketchUp’s intuitive interface and robust capabilities and empowers users to bring their creative visions to life with ease. 

SketchUp’s intuitive interface sets it apart from other 3D visualization tools.  

This is why it is beneficial for different industries: 

  • Architecture: SketchUp is widely used by architects to create detailed building models, visualize design concepts, and communicate ideas to clients. 

  • Interior Design: Interior designers use SketchUp to create detailed 3D models of interior spaces, experiment with different layouts and finishes, and present design concepts to clients. 

  • Engineering: Engineers use SketchUp to create detailed models of mechanical components, visualize assembly processes, and simulate the performance of systems. 

  • Entertainment: SketchUp is used in the entertainment industry to create 3D models of sets, props, and characters for film, television, and video games. 


Subscription Options: To meet the diverse needs of users, SketchUp offers flexible subscription options tailored to different workflows. The SketchUp Pro subscription includes SketchUp (3D modeler), Layout (2D drafting tool), unlimited Trimble Connect (cloud + collaboration tool), the SketchUp mobile Viewer (including the VR tool), and the SketchUp Style builder. Users seeking advanced capabilities can opt for SketchUp Studio, which includes all the features of SketchUp Pro along with V-Ray rendering and Trimble Scan Essentials. 

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