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Welcome to SketchUp My World

As the only e-commerce distributor for SketchUp in Singapore, we are thrilled to share how anyone with an idea can transform their thoughts into a visual story.

Whether you're a product designer or marketer, or just keen to learn more about how  you can turn SketchUp models into diagrams, drawings, presentations, or even just scaled prints, reach out to our staff here at LM Technologies so we can assist you with technical support.

AI Hackathon 2024

Monday, 18 March 2024

Michael Wong from WarehouseBlueprint shared how he used SketchUp to showcase warehouse efficiency for clients in 3D and used Ruby script to create two SketchUp extensions. The event was one of the workshops for the Architects AI~Hackathon 2024, supported by BCA and industry partners!


With over 900 extensions available at the Extensions Warehouse, why not find some plugins that have help you work faster. Or you can even build your own extensions.


Key benefits :

Automation of repetitive tasks.

Advanced rendering and visualization.

Improve productivity

Wow your clients and seal the deal faster!


The ground-up AI Hackathon programme aims to upskill young architects in AI and data-driven technology, fostering innovation and community collaboration through a hybrid series of workshops and events.

Find out more at


#SketchUp3D #SketchUpExtension #AIforDesign #Automation


Warehouse blueprint 1.jpeg
Warehouse blueprint 2.jpeg
Warehouse blueprint 3.jpeg

SFIC Institute x CNY Luncheon

Thursday, 22 February 2024

Thank you Singapore Furniture Industries Council (SFIC) for hosting us at the Chinese New Year luncheon to usher in the Year of the Dragon.We're super excited to work with SFIC Institute to promote upskilling and digital transformation. It's time to take advantage of SkillsFuture credits to sign up for their Technical Drawings workshop.

We're super excited to work with SFIC Institute to promote upskilling and digital transformation. It's time to take advantage of Skillsfuture credits to sign up for their Technical Drawings workshop.


Trainees will learn SketchUp software, one of the leading 3D CAD systems for:

  • Wood Working

  • Furniture Design

  • Cabinet Maker 

  • High End Kitchen 

  • Exhibition Planning

  • Stage/Event Design 

  • Interior Design 

  • Shop Design


Sketchup My World @
Milieu, Canvas Product Launch 
with LM Technologies

Tuesday, 17 October 2023

LM Technologies is honoured to be part of the Milieu Insight Canvas Launch event where the dynamic Steve Guzman delved into the limitless opportunities that 3D visualization offers to consumers. And a huge thank you to Sean Baptist for sharing with our audience about how marketers and brands can benefit from using SketchUp to engage clients better.

Milieu_Mid (55 of 134).JPG
Milieu_Mid (86 of 134).JPG
Milieu_Mid (82 of 134).JPG

Sketchup My World @
ReCasa Living

Wednesday, 20 September 2023


🎶 We (LM Technologies) held a casual get-together in partnership with ACA Pacific and Trimble.


We shared some tips and updates on features SketchUp that can help users precious time and money! 


New Updates - SketchUp Workshop (August 2023)

Our partner ACA Pacific had conducted a workshop on 17 August 2023.

Topics covered included:

  • SketchUp Ecosystem updates

  • Features for 3D warehouse

Some key takeaways:

  1. SketchUp is an ecosystem of tools to create 3D designs

  2. Users love creating 3D models on SketchUp for VIsual Design (3D Design) - it's how we are experience the world

  3. The millions of assets in SketchUp Warehouse means users do not need to create designs from scratch.

  4. AR/VR/ Mixed Reality can help bring your designs to live

  5. With SketchUp for iPad - you can take your file and look at it in AR.

Watch the youtube video here!

Reach out to us if you are keen to have a free complementary training when you purchase Sketchup Pro or Sketchup Studio from us.


This training would be free of charge and will be conducted online as a webinar.

SketchUp Extensions Warehouse - We love it!

SketchUp Extension Warehouse is a library of plugins, tools, and extensions designed to elevate the functionality of SketchUp. These valuable extensions can be downloaded and installed directly within the SketchUp software, making it easy to add new features and capabilities to your designs.


Whether you're a novice or an experienced user, the Extension Warehouse serves as an invaluable resource, granting access to a diverse array of tools aimed at enhancing efficiency and productivity, ultimately saving you valuable time.

Learn about Layout: Seamless and Easy Way to Visualise your Idea

Welcome to LayOut: where you'll be turning your SketchUp models into anything but ordinary documents and presentations.

To get started, insert a 3D model into LayOut. A window into your model—a viewport—is placed on the page.


LayOut is part of SketchUp Pro, designed to make printing, presenting and documenting your SketchUp models fast and easy.


More learning, here:

Blue Water

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