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Visualize with precision, elevate collaboration, and boost performance with SketchUp 2024!

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Your subscription term is for one year. Subscriptions also include access to advanced features, such as: a full, unlimited Trimble Connect account, AR/VR capability, etc, and support from our local technical support team.

The SketchUp Classic license was phased out in 2020 and users now are not able to access features not included in that version.

If you own a Classic license and want to know how you can migrate to a subscription (including any special offers), please reach out for support!

Boost your business with SketchUp 2024

Enquire about our free SketchUp 2024 Studio trial.

Offer valid only for new users

What is SketchUp?

SketchUp* is a 3D modelling tool used by more than over 40 million professionals and hobbyists across the globe.

With 3D Warehouse from SketchUp, you don’t have to model everything from scratch. Access the world's largest 3D library and find real-world products and accessories:  from fixtures and fittings, buildings, vehicles and landscape elements, all available to download (for free!).

*SketchUp is named the #1 architecture software program in the world, based on G2's Grid® Report for Architecture, Spring 2023.


SketchUp for iPad

Available with all SketchUp subscriptions (Pro or Studio), you can now easily create, edit, and turn doodles into 3D shapes while on the move.


Start creating whether you’re at a job site, or outside the office:

  • Work online or offline to sketch your idea;

  • Create in 3D with the ease of drawing by hand without sacrificing precision using Apple Pencil;

  • Access your projects anywhere with iPad’s inherent mobility;

  • And share your way via AirDrop, text, email, or sync files to your favourite storage app.​

Why Choose SketchUp

Easy to learn 

Get yourself (or an entire team) up to speed and onboard fast with free learning resources, intuitive modeling, and efficient user management features. 

A robust 3D toolset

Go from sketch to 3D model and beyond with ease. Our interconnected tools will help you define, refine, and actualize your concepts from the big picture to the smallest details.

Collaboration made easy

Facilitate cross-functional efficiency with 3D markup, task assignment, and clash checking. Supports a range of professional file formats including IFC 4.

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The future is yours to build

With the power of SketchUp, you can take your creations further and bring it to life.


The ideas that build the world starts with a sketch. Creators around the world use SketchUp to breathe life into their ideas. From 3D models, these designs get made into houses, movie sets, urban planning modelsbridgesrobots, furniture and more. 


With SketchUp’s 3D modeling software, go from sketch to a shared foundation to shape and remake your design vision.

One Software, Endless Possibilities.



Capture your assets and import with ease on point cloud data* onto SketchUp.



Create high-quality models or visuals of your assets in 3D, with our user-friendly UI and intuitive tools.



Coordinate design progress with stakeholders in real time.

Design anything. Make everything.

Bring your vision to life with our powerful 3D modeling tools.


SketchUp Go

Built for working anywhere

Work doesn’t always happen in a traditional office setting; it happens on a job site, at home, or on the go.


With 3D modelers purpose-built for iPad and web, SketchUp Go has the tools you need to get the job done no matter where you’re located.


Quickly create in 3D with SketchUp for iPad, sync your projects to the cloud with Trimble Connect, and pick them back up using any device with SketchUp for Web. 


SketchUp Pro

Create professional work

Share and save projects to the cloud, customize your workflow with third-party extensions, and create detailed 2D and 3D construction documentation.

Combines our classic desktop software, web-based modeler, and SketchUp for iPad app – perfect for working on the go.


Speed up your design workflow with hundreds of manufacturer-approved models from 3D Warehouse. Wow your clients with a walkthrough of their project on Microsoft HoloLens, HTC Vive, or Oculus, on your phone or tablet.

*For Windows Only


SketchUp Studio*

For advanced workflows

Import, view, and model directly on point cloud data with Scan Essentials.

Enhance your project by creating photo realistic renders, animations and 360° panoramas for AR/VR viewing with V-Ray.  


Save hours by accurately and efficiently converting your Revit models into SketchUp geometry.

Includes V-Ray 5 and Scan Essentials extension

The Power of SketchUp Tools

Bring your vision to life with our powerful 3D modeling tools.


Research climate insights

Incorporate local climate factors and environmental considerations into your design narrative based on analysis on historical data.


World's largest 3D library

Browse hundreds of manufacturer catalogs of real-world products, and download them directly into your model for a professional finish.


Show a hand-drawn sketch

Create custom non-photorealistic (NPR) Styles so your models appear hand-rendered, super-technical, and everything in between


Build energy efficient designs

Perform analysis of water, carbon and renewable energy potential in the earliest stages of design to evaluate the best design options such as form, orientation and facade design.


AR/VR viewing app

Take clients on a virtual tour of a project using SketchUp Viewer for HoloLens, mobile and virtual reality devices.


Annotate and create documentation drawings

Convert 3D designs to 2D drawings to call out materials, lengths and details to your contractor, builder, or interior designer.


Cloud collaboration

Link data from more than 60 industry tools to keep projects running on schedule and on budget, from concept to build.

“My creative process is like sketching but made faster and easier with pre-built geometry. The great thing about SketchUp is I can just play around with it for ages, moving stuff around and making it bigger or smaller. SketchUp is so intuitive it removes barriers to creative expression, and I can quickly bring ideas to life.”

Luke Whitelock,

Movie set art director 

SketchUp is for everyone

Industries using SketchUp

Event Planning
Film, TV and Stage
Interior Design
Product Design
3D Printing
Facilities Management
Game Design
Landscape Architecture
Engineering - Civil & Mechanical
Fashion Design
Graphic Design
Law Enforcement and Security
Urban Planning

Local Service, Local Support

We work directly with Trimble SketchUp to better support your needs. If you get SketchUp direct, you will pay in USD and pay more (surcharges, etc), and you won't be able to claim GST. Plus you will not get local support!

  • Speak with us about getting set up for SketchUp Studio / SketchUp Pro and we can offer you a special onboarding offer.

  • You will buy in your local currency, not USD (so you won't incur the international exchange rate)


Work through your ideas with 3D

If you can dream it, you can bring it to life in SketchUp

A great idea can be its best with the right software.

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