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Create, share, and experience your projects in a whole new way with SketchUp.

SketchUp Pro


SketchUp Pro

Our full-featured desktop modeler, built to make anything your imagination can create.

Simple is powerful

3D Modeling

The most intuitive way to design, document and communicate your ideas in 3D.

Iterate in 3D

Work through your ideas in 3D space and quickly develop your projects.

Accurate, detailed models

Accuracy from the beginning is key. SketchUp enables you to design, define, and plan in all stages of the project.


Features in Pro

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Intuitive 3D modeler

Easy-to-use drawing tools are
combined with the accuracy
and detail needed to produce
professional-grade models,
images and documentation.

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Constructible models

Virtual design and construction
enables problem solving and
cost estimation for projects of
any scale; whether it is an office
chair or an office block.

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A flexible platform

Enhance your workflow with
SketchUp extensions. Install
apps for analysis, rendering,
estimating, 3D printing,
productivity, and more.

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Showcase your design

SketchUp Pro includes LayOut,
a powerful 2D illustration app
for the creation of drawing sets,
construction documentation,
and on-screen presentations.

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Interoperability & BIM

Import/export many 3D, 2D
and BIM files (including DWG
and IFC); enabling smooth
collaboration across disparate
teams and design phases.

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Geolocation & context

Tell the full story by
geolocating your model and
adding real-world context,
such as terrain data, sun
position, and satellite imagery.

Get Started with Pro

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